Thank you for taking the time to look at my smugmug site.

Please click browse to view galleries. I hope that you can get to know me and my world through the images I capture.

You can find me at:
@norcalmark300 on twitter/norcalphoto / norcalmark300 on instagram/norcalmark300 on youtube /visayan925 xbl/visaya925 psn/norcalnoob twitch/visaya#1597 battlenet/norcalnewbie steam

If you would like a photo that you see on this site please feel free to shoot me a email. I would be glad to send you a photo.

I'm just a amateur photographer trying to learn more as I go. Taking photos of things in my everyday life. Please feel free leave question or comments. I'm open to all suggestion to help me better my pictures.

***If you need a volunteer to take photos for any occasion. Please contact me. I'll be glad to be an extra camera or just be a helping hand in exchange to learn new things. ***

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